Having an Internet site is a bit more complex than just having a domain and uploading files for it on a server. The website hosting service also features things such as domain records, databases, e mail addresses, statistics, FTP access, and so forth. Even though they probably are not the first thing which comes to mind when you mention the word “website”, they are an integral part of any website and none of them can be skipped. If you want to start and keep a prosperous presence online, you need a simple way to take care of these things, specifically if you aren't very experienced. Aside from the ease of use, it is also important to have 100 % control over your domains and the website hosting service related to them.
Website Manager in Shared Hosting
If you acquire a Linux shared hosting from us and host your websites on our modern cloud platform, you can take advantage of the advanced, though simple-to-use Website Manager tool, that's an element of our in-house built Hepsia CP. The tool shall provide you with better control over your world-wide web content than any other tool out there, because it provides a basic, novice-friendly interface, but offers a sufficient amount of options for advanced users as well. One tool will enable you to modify the DNS records for every domain address, to update the WHOIS details or to hide them via our Whois Privacy Protection service, to access the Internet site files, to set up a script app, to check out site visitor statistics, to purchase an SSL certificate and much, much more. These things are available in a single place and you can accomplish any of them with only a few clicks using quick-access buttons, that'll save you time and which shall make the management of your online presence very simple.