Every time you obtain a new hosting account, your payment is processed, your account is created and as automated as the whole process seems, there are always little things that are executed personally. For every virtual or a dedicated server there are even more jobs to be done because these kinds of web hosting often need a manual setup, software installation & configuration, checking the server platform so as to make sure that everything is working fine, etcetera. To cover the expenses for the time and efforts these things take, a lot of companies require a one-time installation charge to be paid by their clients on top of the charge for the shared hosting. The charge often is valid for any new website hosting account being obtained and it's rarely given on the company’s site, yet it would appear on the checkout page.
Setup Fee in Shared Hosting
If you acquire a shared hosting package through our company, you won't ever have to pay any kind of installation costs. In fact, we don't have other obscured charges of any sort too. We respect each and every customer and it's our belief that if you acquire any sort of plan from us, you should not pay anything else than the charge for the hosting plan. You will not find any hidden fees before or after your purchase, which will show you that we're a reliable and loyal provider. The price of your shared website hosting plan is the same all around on our site - the front page, the order as well as the payment pages. Because we also provide immediate account activation, you will not need to wait for hours or days in order to start creating your website.